Hi, I'm Patty Bowen!

What about me? For me, it's more about my family. What can I say about my husband? There’s not enough space to write about how special he is. I guess in a nutshell, we truly balance each other. When I think of him, 1st Corinthians 13 covers it well. We have been married 28 years March 31st. Do we have our typical marital issues, heck yeah, but, I love him even more today than the day I said “I Do”.
When I think of my son, I think male, ALL male! He’s got a heart of gold although not too many people know it. Like most men, it’s a macho thing. There’s the impression of, don’t cry, don’t show emotion, and certainly don’t share your true feelings. But, behind the scenes when he puts his arms around me and tells me he loves me, I thank the good Lord for him and his aggravating ways. When he hugs me, my mind wonders to the book, Love You Forever. To this day, I still can’t read it without tears.
As far as my little girl, Wow, like a friend recently said to me,” the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” I honestly didn’t know what that meant and he had to explain it to me. He said, “she’s the spitting image of you when you were her age!” Wooo That’s good and it’s bad! I have always been a person of strong values, morals, and convictions and Lindsey certainly reflects this, however, I was also very innocent and naive which she also exhibits. That’s the scary part. It just makes me want to put my arms around her and stand guard. I want to protect her from the inevitable adventures of life, but I know I can’t. She is God’s child before she is mine and there are some things I just have to let Him handle, in His timing.
When all is said and done and I lay my head down at night, I ask myself if I’ve done what Jesus would do with my life for the day. More often than not, I have tried but failed in many ways. But, there's always repentance and striving for improvement and He forgives & loves me regardless.

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Indian Beach Condo
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Patty Bowen Richardson
Patty Bowen Richardson
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