Hi, I'm Suzanne!

We renovated/restored this lovely historic home in 2001 with the intention of living in it ourselves...and so we did for quite a number of years! Still do...just in the other "half" of the original Manor nowadays :). As the property is large, we eventually moved "next door" and so began our renting of our property as a Vacation Home Rental.
I manage that business and also work as an R.N. My husband is a licensed General Contractor with his own Contracting Business. We so enjoy living in the downtown landmark historic district of Savannah! And love our vacation rental home which has much of my family's heirlooms and such incorporated into the decor. We're right next door. Which means that, while we give Guests their privacy, our vacation rental home is lovingly well cared for and continually maintained. Unlike some homes that have absentee landlords or which are run solely by property management companies. We consider the Manor and Cottage (Taylor Estate) simply an extension of our own home. In fact, when they're not booked...we enjoy the use of it ourselves especially the Hot Tub! :)
I adore flowers and foliage so our Guests "get" to enjoy my year-round gardening and landscaping efforts. Originally homeschooled, both our daughters now attend local Savannah colleges (AASU and SCAD). And...now that they're older, they've discovered why their parents have refused to move from the historic downtown! We simply take a stroll or hop on our bikes...and find everything at our fingertips!
Just as our Guests do! My husband loves to fish so it's nice having a beach only 20 minutes away. This historic downtown of Savannah has too much to be totally taken in in a week or two...you need months! Yet...it still feels so laaaaaazzzzzy with all our oaks and spanish moss hanging everywhere. :) Unfortunately, with jobs and school...we sometimes find we must leave all the fun to our Guests! ;)

Here is my property:

Suzanne Schulz
Suzanne Schulz
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