Hi, I'm Elizabeth!

Hi Everyone - My husband, sister and I found our little piece of heaven (Tropical Breeze) on Oak Island, NC in 2009. My Dad lives in Lumberton, NC so that is what drew us to NC and somehow we stumbled upon Oak Island during a vacation in 2007. We love the quiet, low-key and family oriented beaches and town. We decided to rent the house to vacationers so others can enjoy it as well.

We spend several weeks each year at the house usually in the Spring and the Fall. Much of our time there is spent preparing the house for our guests. We try to make it as comfortable as possible for others to rest and relax. Having rented several vacation homes over the years, I got a sense of what I liked and did not like in a vacation house. We have tried to incorporate these likes into our house for everyone to enjoy.

We have had many wonderful people stay in our house over the last few years and greatly appreciate when they become repeat guests. And when they recommend our house to others :)

I just love Oak Island and our vacation house and wish I could spend more time there! Happy vacationing everyone! Liz

P.S. The picture is of me and my Dad by the newly planted blueberry sprouts that we took from his garden in Lumberton and transplanted in our yard. I don't know if they'll make it especially since we accidentally cut the underground cable line twice - once when we planted them and again when my husband tried to stake them the next day. The cable company was not too happy with us since they had to come back twice :) Oops!

Here is my property:

Elizabeth S
Elizabeth S
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