Hi, I'm Ivan!

Hi, I'm Ivan and my wife and I are Brits. Somehow we ended up owning three properties in sunny Venice, Florida as my parents in law have been vacationing there for over 30 years!

We have just got our green cards and have recently emigrated to the sun. We love the quaintness of Venice - shops, restaurants, great beaches and fantastic events in town.

I do all the rentals over the net, with a local couple that do the cleaning and minor property maintenance. We also have a full home warranty for anything larger.

We have some great reviews from past renters - make sure you look!

In case you're wondering our great dog in one of the fotos is Gelert, a faithful (although nutty!) Samoyed. The other picture shows us visiting Buckingham Palace as we were lucky enough to get an invite for tea with Prince Charles as I did some voluntary work for the Princes Trust.

Hope to hear from you soon, Ivan.

Here is my property:

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ivan gould
ivan gould
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