Hi, I'm Mary Lou!

My sisters and I purchased this beach house in 1999 after the death of our mother. We couldn't bear to part with all of her belongings so we bought the house at the beach so that we could create a place to remember her (and our dad ). We call it Grandma and Grandad's house at the beach. (They moved to Oregon from Montana in 1981 and fell in love with the coast. They would have loved Oceanside and their house).

Although our family is large, we found the house sat vacant a good deal of the time so we started renting it.

It is a beautiful modern home (had never been lived in when we bought it). We love it and feel the presence of our parents when we visit. You will love it, too. Grandma and Grandad will enjoy the company but will not bother you, we promise.

Here is my property:

Mary Lou Haas
Mary Lou Haas
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