Hi, I'm Chad!

I completed this fabulous home with enormous white pine logs from North Idaho in 1997. This is my vacation home and I spend 3-4 months each winter enjoying the great winter sports in the area.

We get season passes at the local ski resort (49 Degrees North) each winter and make first tracks on the mountain at least a couple times a week. When a particularly good snowstorm comes through we go everyday to harvest the fresh powder.

I work in Alaska the rest of the year where I own a fishing lodge, a commercial fishing boat and a hunting guide service. I try to sneak in a week or two each summer at the lodge to enjoy the sun and water. I have a property manager who lives on the property year round to assist with any concerns.
Thanks for inquiring. We appreciate your business,so don't hesitate to call or email with questions.

Here is my property:

Chad Reel
Chad Reel
From Alaska
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