Hi, I'm Marie!

The things that matter most to me are family, friends, and a shared sense of community. I love to travel, meet new people, and share stories of past adventures. I've explored new places and made many friends in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, England, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Spain, and Portugal. Connecting with people is a truly vital part of life, and what better way to meet than under the relaxing circumstances that revolve around vacation time! I hope we'll share some travel adventure stories together when you visit Seattle. We look forward to hearing yours!

Another aspect of my life involves working as a practitioner in the healing arts. As such I facilitate in improving overall comfort and performance in each individuals unique movement through life. I offer a discount to all visiting guests. Please inquire if you'd like more information or to make an appointment.

Here is my property:

Marie Maughan
Marie Maughan
From Seattle, Washington
Member since June, 2010
Feldenkrais Training, Trauma Training, Media Arts, and Computer Systems
Vacation Host, Feldenkrais Practitioner CM