Hi, I'm Dorina!

Hi my name is Dorina, I am a professional women who could not stand the cold weather in PA so I moved to Florida in 2004 and I'm very glad I did. I had been visiting the east coast side of the state for many years before I decided to move, I have family there. I have a very close friend who lives on the west coast so I decided to give that area a try. Well, I feel in love with it. The beach and water are beautiful, I'm not a surfer so I did not miss the waves, everyone is very friendly and there is lots of things to do. I always wanted to live on the water, could not afford an ocean front property, but I did find a great location with a fresh water lagoon, stocked with fish right in my backyard. Remodeled and decorated to my taste, added a great salt water pool ( that was as close to the ocean as I could get in my back yard) and was loving life. Elderly family brought me back over to the East Coast so I've decided to share my home until I can return to it permanently. I visit as often as I can and enjoy every minute. I'm sure you will enjoy it and the great area as much I do.

Here is my property:

Dorina Mangan
Dorina Mangan
Dorina Mangan
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