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Hello, my name is Tom Galiardo, owner of Moose Trax LLC I thought I would share the quick version of the Cabins on the Little Eskutasis in Maine. I was one day searching through cyber space when I came across a piece of property "not" yet for sale - I decided to jump in the car and drive to Maine before the property went for sale!

The property was previously owned by one of the largest logging company in Maine and as all logging companies eventually do, decided to sell this particular piece of property in exchange to purchase some new inventory to log.

The property was 125 acres completely surrounding a 125 acre body of water. What makes the land even more especially nice is, it has not been logged for a long time and has some beautiful trees, well over 100 years old.

So - I drive to Maine the next day, meet up with the Realtor, who today is a good friend, takes me to the frozen over lake, we walk about a half mile onto the lake so we can get a good 360 of the place, and he say`s to me "What do you think?"

I am thinking to myself---
Not too many places on this earth you can find your own private lake that holds all the beauty Maine provides and proclaims "The way Life should be!"

My only response could be - OK - whats the catch?
Well, after 5 minutes on the Lake, I wrote the man a check!

It took me 2 years to complete two beautiful cabins which would allow me time to spend whenever I can. When I am not there, I rent out to a few select who can appreciate what I fell in Love with. Though the summer seams to be the most popular time to rent. My time is the winter months

Many ask me after there stay at the lake, The RENTAL fee you charge is very cheap, Why?

As I stood on that frozen over lake not too long ago and asked
"Whats the catch?"

The BEST response "Maine, Its the way Life should be" and I thank the Good Lord above, I understand, what LIFE should be, and what LIFE is all about.
Hope you enjoy your stay

Here is my property:

Lincoln Maine Vacation Rentals - Cabin

3BR / 1BA - Sleeps 6 - Lincoln Cabin

Looking for a peaceful, private setting to kick back and relax for a few days, weeks, or months? Relax...

$150 / nt

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