Hi, I'm Enrico!

When I arrived in this country, precisely West Philadelphia. I was in the early 30's. I did not know the language, had no job and no money. My wife was four months pregnant with our first child. The only things i knew was on how to repair European cars. The next morning, my wife and I decided to take a bus ride to downtown Philly. On the way, I spotted a VW dealership. I said to my wife on the way back we will stop their and apply for a job and she started laughing and said no way, no way. Finally she agreed. We stopped and I walked in, introduced myself to the manager. With the help of God I made the manager understand and with the help of my little pocket translator, that I knew how to fix these kinds of cars. He said, "ok come to work tomorrow morning. Next morning I reported on time and my first assignment was to replace a clutch on a VW. I completed the job within 45 minutes out the door. The manager came to me and said, "now for sure, U got the job". Since that day, everything else is history.
As a former owner/operator of a Auto repair business, Limousine/Taxi business, and Sonoran desert Jeep Tour business. With extensive knowledge in Auto Repair,transportation/tourism industry, and Real Estate industry,licensed Realtor in arizona since 1991. My goal right now is to sell real estate in Phoenix and its surrounding cities. I am originally from Italy and have lived in England, Germany and Switzerland. Still have very strong ties to my communities back there. I hope to procure some International buyers as well.

Here is my property:

From Phoenix, Arizona
Member since February, 2011
Scuola Industriale Maschile, Italy, Industrial Tech Institute
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