Hi, I'm Janie!

I am an outdoors enthusiast! I love to do just about everything there is to do in the outside whether it be on the beach, in the mountains, on a boat. Travel and seeing the world is also a passion of mine. I love the perspective if gives and the involvment in other cultures is an education in itself. I also love to cook and particulary focus on the countries to which I have been.

I am a reading specialist in a local school district south of Seattle and love my job. I teach in a high poverty environment which presents many challenges and also many rewards. Some of the students have had experiences I hope I never have and feel it is our job to provide a safe, nurturing place for them to be.

I have three adult children who are the light of my life! My oldest son lives in Doha, Qatar and lives with his beautiful wife; my middle son lives in Seattle (yeah for family times!) and my daughter lives in Barcelona, Spain with her great husband who is an MBA student there. They are all loving living the life!!

Here is my property:

janie wood
janie wood
From I live in West Seattle on the salt water. The beach is my front yard and I love it! Waves, gulls, seals playing: everything the beach includes.
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