Hi, I'm Ann!

I am a person who loves the outdoors and nature. Being in or around water has always been exciting, restful and relaxing for me personally. For over 15 years I have enjoyed helping families with managing their vacations and family together- time, whether for a short or long period of time. "Get-A-Ways" are so important to one's health. If a guest ends up renting one of my properties, I know that their time away or their vacation will be as STRESS-FREE as it possibly can be. I enjoy managing my own properties for vacationers to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Another aspect that I enjoy relative to my work is collaborating with all of my support personnel for each property. Life is not perfect, things do happen, but I do my very best to handle things when they do come up. I am very proud that the ratings by our guests are so high.

Here are my properties:

Ann Shehan
Ann Shehan
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