Hi, I'm Patty!

Wayne and I have been operating Hideaway Hollow as a vacation getaway for 6 years but the property has been in my family for three generations. I grew up here and remember well the days during my childhood spent exploring the woods and playing in the fields with my friends. We grew vegetables and grain and raised a few farm animals. I learned early that there is nothing better than the smell of freshly mowed hay or the taste of a home grown tomato straight from the garden and warm from the sun's rays. Life at Hideaway Hollow also taught me an appreciation for quiet that is only disrupted by the sound of many birds that sing their songs from the trees surrounding the house. Truly, this is a place to enjoy the basics of life and to be reminded of the calm and beauty of nature and all things natural.
I hope that you and your family enjoy your stay at Hideaway Hollow and experience some of the fond memories that I have from my years growing up here. I raised my children here and they return to the farm for long weekends to enjoy the same experiences with their families that I had with mine.

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Patty Poetlajoie
Patty Poetlajoie
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