Hi, I'm Stella!

Hi everyone!
I am Stella. I was born in Chania, Crete and I have been living here for (almost) my whole life. I love my city and consider it unique… but that’s something for you to discover!
What appeals to me when travelling to other places is getting in touch with the natives, tasting the local cuisine, exploring the landscapes, and unveiling the true characteristics away from the massive tourism zones…
My family and I have been runing this vacation villa for two years (it was built in 2011), but we have also been in the hospitality sector for more than ten years. Here, you will enjoy comfort and cleanliness as well as personalised care, warmth and hospitality. We make every effort to ensure that our guests have a very pleasant holiday!

Here is my property:

Stella Vatsolaki
Stella Vatsolaki
From Chania
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