Hi, I'm Tracey!

I live in England, Married with 3 Children 1 Boy and 2 Girls. We have 2 Siberian Husky dogs. My youngest daughter wanted her own small dog so we brought her a yorkshire terrier/jack Russell dog Her name is Roxy and she is gorgeous...
I Love the outdoors and enjoy all kinds of sports. All my children play football. So out weekends are always Very Busy.
I work for a cruising company called CRUISE SELECT In the UK and if you fancy a cruise, please look me up on the computer.
The house is built in a plot of 24 other house on the Ashley Manor. The house is Beautiful.. home for home and no other Villa is looking over you. You actually overlook a Beautiful Lilly pond.

Here is my property:

Tracey Cunningham
Tracey Cunningham
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cruising company - CRUISE SELECT in the UK