Hi, we're Sheri and Johnni!

Welcome to Arandas Estates! Arandas Estates LLC is a family owned company. Johnni and Sheri have been together for 20 years and plan their own vacation time at the Kissimmee Villa.

The villa is very spacious and bright (with the help of the warm, sunny Florida sun) and is an ideal family spot, close to all the major Orlando tourist attractions! The Arandas family loves to hand out at the large size pool in the backyard of the home and enjoy the warm sunny Florida weather!

Within 5-7 mins, there are a slew of shops and restaurants and all kinds of shopping. There are various types of cuisines and can enjoy more formal dining or a laid back, quick bite to eat. Our personal favourite Italian restaurant is Carrambbas along 192! Customer service is excellent and the food even better!

Hope you love vacationing at Arandas Estates as much as we do!

Here is our property:

Sheri and Johnni Arandas
Sheri and Johnni Arandas
From Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Member since October, 2012