Hi, I'm Robert!

In 2004 while planning a family vacation to Orlando, a friend suggested we rent a vacation home instead of staying in an overcrowded, expensive hotel. My husband and I thought about it for a moment and concluded that there was no way we could afford a vacation rental home big enough for our traveling clan. Were we ever wrong? Not only could we afford it, it was one of the best decisions we've ever made. Having the convenience of buying our own food and supplies and preparing our own meals saved us a ton of money. Every morning while I prepared breakfast for my husband and five beautiful daughters, they planned the itinerary for the days activities.

If someone got tired, we were close enough to go back to the home, get a bit to eat, take a dip in the pool and return to Disney for the evening festivities. The feeling of a home to come back to after a long day of theme park fun gave our family a sense that we were not just on vacation but that it was also our home and made the trip much more enjoyable. Well what can we say, we fell in love with Florida, Disney, Orlando and Lake Davenport Estates where we finally decided to buy our very own vacation home.

Our vacation home in Lake Davenport Estates has given us the opportunity to travel to Florida and enjoy many vacations with friends and family, but more importantly it has given us an opportunity to share that experience with the many families who have rented our home for their own vacation in the Sunshine State. We love our Florida vacation home rental and we want you to love it too!

Here is my property:

Robert Haughton
Robert Haughton
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