Hi, I'm Carole!

My husband Chris and I found this property in October of 2005. We had evacuated the Florida Keys for the imminent arrival of Hurricane Wilma, and while driving down Route 5, my husband prayed to find the place we were to buy in this area. Immediately after he said the prayer, he looked to the left, and there was a "For Sale" sign that had not existed in July, when we were up for vacation.

After we purchased the property, and received the original deed, we discovered that his maternal grandparents had owned the property in 1928! The only thing existing on the property at that time were the two cottages. The house was not built until 1950, and the barn not until 1991. Through the last 6 years that we have owned this property, we have worked unfailingly to make it as beautiful as possible. We remodeled the barn into a fully furnished one bedroom apartment, and the remainder of the barn into a Clubhouse, complete with full kitchen, bath, and guestroom. Then in 2011, we completed a staircase to the beach, and in 2012, we began work on the cottages to refurbish them and bring them into habitable condition. Right after we began work on this project, my dear husband passed away.

I plan on living here on this property for the rest of my life, and bringing it's beauty and serenity to as many others as possible!

Here are my properties:

Ripley New York Vacation Rentals - Cottage

3BR / 1BA - Sleeps 8 - Ripley Cottage

Lovely relaxing environment for families. On the shore of beautiful Lake Erie. Year round use allowed,...

$185 - $200 / nt

Westfield New York Vacation Rentals - Cottage

2BR / 1BA - Sleeps 6 - Westfield Cottage

The Meadowview Cottage:hot water heater as This quaint 2 bedroom cottage is fully equipped with two...

$185 - $200 / nt

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Carole Smith
Carole Smith
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