Hi, I'm Douglas!

I am the owner of the villa Brisa Caribe and vacation rental business of the same name. I am a Canadian citizen by birth but have also proudly held a Mexican passport since 2007. I have been fortunate enough to travel to, and live in, numerous countries around the world before making Puerto Aventuras Mexico my permanent home.

In early 2000 I was living in the Sultanate of Oman and at a crossroads in my life. I decided to put my career on the back burner and pursue a different course. With a love of tropical water diving, warm weather, and the Latin culture, I decided to return to Mexico and look for the perfect place to set down roots. Attracted to the general area by the fabulous diving opportunities, I drove into Puerto Aventuras and immediately knew I had found my new home.

I rented a condo here in “Puerto”, as we locals call it, then spent the next 15 months purchasing a lot, designing my home (villa Brisa Caribe), and going through all of the often painful steps of building it. While this close involvement certainly paid off in the attention to detail and the quality of the finishing, it also exposed me to a great deal about “how things get done here” which has proven to be an invaluable learning experience.

With the intention of renting my home as a vacation rental for part of the year while I traveled, I designed a site and began marketing my villa on the internet. With some success, neighbors and friends began to ask me to market their villas and condos. As the popularity of my site, the area, and my reputation grew, so did the business. Soon I needed more properties to meet the demand. I then started working with some local agents who manage other properties outside of Puerto Aventuras.

I struggle to keep the business small and simple so that I can hopefully provide a level of service and local knowledge that just may not be available elsewhere. I am very selective about the properties that I represent and the people I

Here are my properties:

Douglas Wasmuth
Douglas Wasmuth
From Puerto Aventuras Mexico
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