Hi, I'm Steve!

Hi and thank you very much for considering my Vacation Rental. I work for Intel Corporation as a Technical Manager and Engineer ('The Day Job' :)) but I love to branch out and do other things like investing in realestate. I meet and work with great people throughout the world through renting this great property and would not trade it for anything! I feel confident if you work with me you will have a very smooth professional experience. Thanks for your excellent consideration. Owner, Steve Laskarides.

My parents literally built the Top End Townhomes from the ground up and since then have built multi-million dollar homes with great success! I know first-hand the craftsmanship that goes into their work. Painstaking detail and expense went into creating this perfect Vacation Rental property and if you stay with us I’m confident you will agree that the Top End Townhomes are a perfect Vacation Rental!

The Top End Townhomes have amenities and features that others in the area do not (Roof party deck with great views, Each bed room has a private deck, Plasma HDTV with free HD HBO, Jacuzzi tub, heated tile floors, etc...). See our pictures as they speak louder than words. Also our service is top notch as our management crew lives down the street! Also don’t forget about our great reviews from previous guests. Because of this and several other reasons The Top End Townhomes is one of the highest sought out properties in the Atlantic City area! You get a lot for your investment!

Here are my properties:

Steve Laskarides
Steve Laskarides
From Chandler AZ
Member since June, 2006