Hi, I'm Mariaelena!

We bought the land from a friend in 2005 and built our shelves this summer house with love and attention. We spend there almost all our holidays, alone or with friends that come to share. In the winter we enjoy home cooking, games and endless conversation next to the fireplace. In the spring we cherish nature, long walks, trekking and cycling. In the summer the sun and the blue sea take care of everything and that goes on until late autumn days. Great food is around all year long. Try Mimis' corner for a sunset dinner on the beach -our favorite- and 9 Kores for seafood delicacies.

My digital photos hardly capture the astonishing beauty of the Cycladic nature, but hopefully it will intrigue the imagination as to what lies ahead.

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Mariaelena Myrka
Mariaelena Myrka
Mariaelena Myrka
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