Hi, I'm Jacqueline Carnell!

In the past, this home was, and is still - my retirement home. i'm a retired Flight Attendant with 25 years of service. Most of my possessions in my home is a collection of my travels. My Bucket List desire is to continue traveling the world - meeting new people and enjoying diverse cultures.

I've traveled the world many times and have decided that Jamaica is "God's Special Paradise". It soothed and pampered my soul at its lowest, then ignited it with great pleasures! I have a full staff, housekeeper, chefs, and driver, but we operate as a family. I do absolutely NOTHING but pamper and enjoy myself!

I'm having so much fun with my bucket list, I have very little time to spend in my wonderful home! So If you would like to experience my world and be pampered too - COME ON OVER!!

Here is my property:

Westmoreland Jamaica Vacation Rentals - Bed & Breakfast

2BR / 1BA - Sleeps 4 - Westmoreland Bed & Breakfast

Know Earth as it was meant to be Starry… Moonlit Nights, Warm Tropical Breezes. Witness the sunsets...

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Jacqueline Carnell Fifer-Cooper
Jacqueline Carnell Fifer-Cooper
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