Hi, I'm Deanna!

I grew up in Kentucky in a large family long before computers and video games; the piece of chicken you got at dinner was determined by your age within the family hierarchy. It was a time when games like “kick the can” and playing in the old creek behind our house represented the sum total of my worldly ambitions.
Times were leaner and we did not get everything we wanted so we learned to appreciate the gifts we had in our lives.

Growing up during those times I learned that no one owes you anything in life and that hard work and honesty will get you far. My word and handshake was my bond.

It is with that attitude that I rent this cabin. I understand that you work hard for your money and I respect that. I will strive to give you the best possible value, vacation experience and enjoyment during your stay.

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Deanna W
Deanna W
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