Hi, we're Jim and Kathleen!

Jim and I fell in love with Fort Myers Beach more than 25 years ago. For Jim, it feels like the small beach town he grew up in, and just driving over the bridge onto the island makes me happy. We walk on the beach every day we are there, and save occasional shells.

We think this house is a great gathering place for family and friends. Jim and pals watch the game or fish from the dock while I gather more friends to drink wine and cook. We discuss which local eateries are best (my current favorites are Doc Ford's and Bayside Bistro), and plan the next day's adventures.

Here is our property:

Jim and Kathleen Finderson
Jim and Kathleen Finderson
Jim and Kathleen Finderson
From Richmond, VA
Member since December, 2013
Virginia Commonwealth University
Jim is an IT professional; Kathleen is the Controller for a manufacturing company