Hi, I'm Patsy!

A beachy type person as I just love the ocean and everything about it!

Parents: Ira Roy Schmidt and Anna Sybil Bugg Schmidt
!. Ira Roy Schmidt Jr and Margie (Tina and Debra)
Debra Schmidt Dougherty (Sean, Sarah,Margie, Joey, Ira and Elizabeth) (Lizzi)
Tina Schmidt Dietrich (M) Chris- One Daughter Cameron
2. Nancy Henrietta Schmidt Rumpel (Hillary and Renee)
Hillary Rumpel Hogue M. Kerin Children Renee and Riley
Renee Rumpel Vilim M. Sevin Children Veronika and Peter
3. Patricia Anne Schmidt Adams (Patti, Billy,Julie)
Patti Reeves- Single
Billy Adams M Becky Children Victoria Brooke Adams and Brittany Leigh Adams
Julia Carol Adams M Keith Wilson Children Julian Keith Wilson and Adams Byron Wilson

Victoria Brooke Adams
Brittany Leigh Adams
Julian Keith Wilson
Byron Adam Wilson

Here is my property:

Patsy Adams
Patsy Adams
From Tallahassee, Florida
Member since February, 2014
Columbia High School, Gainesville High School, Florida State University
Century Link Telephone Companys/Sprint/Centel/Southeastern/SouthernBell