Hi, I'm Bonnie!

After years of hard work, my husband Bill &'I were lucky enough to land in paradise! I am a retired Art History Professor and University Museum Director who has held positions at three great institutions over a thirty five year career. They were: Miami University, The College of William & Mary, and University of California, Santa Barbara. I am also a cancer survivor who has learned how to appreciate life. I now do art consulting, but my real love is making art and jewelry along with my husband Bill who is a sculptor. The historical research & writing bug never left me, however, which is why I threw myself into documenting the history of my community once I realized that nobody knew about it. I co-authored a history of the area entitled: Greater Carpinteria, Summerland, and, La Conchita. The book is available through Amazon and Arcadia Publications. I attended Buffalo State University College, Bowling Green University and The Ohio State University. You can learn more about me by visiting my websites: "

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Bonnie Kelm
Bonnie Kelm
From Carpinteria, California
Member since March, 2014
East Meadow H. S., Buffalo State U.Coll, Bowling Green State U., The Ohio State U., NYU
BK Fine Art, Museum, & Private Collection Consulting, Bella Kaye Designs