Hi, I'm Anjila!

I have a graphic design firm called Fisheye Design in India, where I head and manage the creative team. Im in the process of setting up my new studio in Goa where apart from my regular client projects, i hope to work with the community in Goa. One such project is Goa Beautiful, an action brand which we have conceived committed to inspire, include and involve residents of Goa, the village panchayats, the government of India, visiting domestic and international tourists to Keep Goa Beautiful, Green and Clean - through individual and collective action. Using positive imagery of the greenery (leaves), beauty (flowers) and life in the sky, water and land (birds, fish, turtles, trees) – the message of Goa Beautiful comes alive with bright colours, simple forms and with a playfulness that is endearing.

Though normally more associated with beaches, parties, heritage and colourful markets rather than Wilderness and remote landscapes, Goa can be full of surprise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The lakes and rivers form the life of Goa and offers a rich biodiversity and scenic beauty that can be enjoying through back water cruises, kayaking or simply canoeing through the waterways. Rock climb, walk and cycle trek through scenic waterfalls, dense forests and historical places. Or even white water raft Mahdei/Surla Rivers in Goa through the exhilarating monsoons.

Get a good chance of watching rare and beautiful plants and animals along the plains, mountains, forests and tropical rainforests of Goa on wildlife trips. Kayak through sea caves, explore offshore islands, and snorkel the marine reserves that are filled with abundant marine treasures.

Magnificient forts, churches and temples, stately goan manor homes, Baroque or Rococo architecture, flea markets, whole sale vegetable and fruit bazaars, luxurious hotels, goan beaches, water sports, forests and wildlife area, spice plantations, bird watching, scenic routes, cruises, sightseeing by boat, fishing, h

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Anjila Puri
Anjila Puri
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