Hi, I'm Joseph!

I am a Chinese Architect & Structural Engineer , with a beautiful Polish Wife, 2 grandchildren Berlin grandfather, 3 grandchildren Amsterdam grandfather, 2 grandchildren Paris grandfather, 2 grandchildren San Francisco grandfather. My ancestors 1560 Manchuria and 1680 Han. Son teaches Jefferson Med students , 3 daughters Architects/Paris,D.C., White House, 1 daughter - MBA/financial consultant. We have two yearly get together one in Philadelphia one in Stone Harbor. We chose to buy in one of 4 areas in south Jersey - Love Ladies, Avalon, Stone Harbor, Cape May. We wanted waterfront, near town without driving, Extreme South Jersey - add 2 weeks more before and end of summer, only 11/2 hours drive from Chestnut hill, Pa. to Stone Harbor N.J.

Here is my property:

Joseph Kuo
Joseph Kuo
From Chestnut hill, Philadelphia, Pa
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