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My name is Sue and along with my partner Paul we own Disney Tower villa. We are both from the UK but for the past few years we have spent quite a lot of time in Europe building up our tourist business. It has been quite a challenge but it's getting easier. The hard bit is not seeing family and friends for long periods.. What we like best about our job is that it gives us the opportunity to travel.

After visiting Florida on many occasions we decided that it ticked so many of our boxes on our wish list. With it's all year round pleasing climate, laid back atmosphere and plenty of attractions, we find it suitable for us and all the generations of our family. It is just great when we all get together a bit hectic to say the least.

Paul and I love staying at the villa. We call it our working holiday as we are always up-dating and maintaining our Florida home and any family or friends that come to stay, get roped in also. What we love best is sitting by the pool first thing in the morning drinking our coffee while watching the wildlife that comes to visit, it's just priceless. Because there is so much to do in the area, everyone staying at the villa all go off in different directions and when we all meet back up there are always lots of stories to be told. I could write pages why I love staying at our Florida home but everyone will be truly bored so I will stop now why hopefully you are not yawning too much.

Here is my property:

Haines City Florida Vacation Rentals - Villa

5BR / 4.5BA - Sleeps 12 - Haines City Villa

Disney Tower Villa is an ideal location for Disney Parks and Legoland and is just moments away from Golf,...

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