Visiting Alaska

A family vacation to Alaska is unlike any other; its vast expanse of land offers the adventure of a lifetime and sights that your family will never forget. can help you with your accommodations by offering you a unique selection of Alaska cabin rentals in which to stay. Our cabins for rent by owner provide guests and families the full experience of being in Alaska. They can also reduce vacation costs and offer the space you need to enjoy your trip.
When visiting AK, it is suggested that a family spend no less than five days, in order to experience all that the state has to offer. For maximum enjoyment of its majesty, however, a month or two is often necessary - and for nature enthusiasts, ideal. While staying in a vacation rental by owner, you'll have all that you need to make yourself at home. Before coming to Alaska, be certain to check out the area that you'll be staying in, as they often differ greatly in aspects, such as climate and the hours of darkness during the winter and daylight during the summer. Dressing appropriately is also important, and wearing layers of clothing is the best option no matter where you are visiting in the state.
Areas within Alaska
Families staying in Alaska cabin rentals are within one of the state's five main regions:
  • Southeast Alaska is often referred to as Alaska's inside passage; this region contains cities such as Juneau and Sitka.
  • South central Alaska is the home of Anchorage, a place where tourists will easily find plenty of Alaska vacation rentals. This region includes rivers, rugged coasts, forests, and glaciers.
  • The interior of Alaska includes areas, such as Denali National Park, Fairbanks, Eielson Air Force Base, and the North Pole. In the Western region you'll find the Kodiak Islands and Aleutian Islands.
  • The final region is Northern Alaska. This is arctic Alaska where there are plenty of polar bears and caribou. Barrow is located in this Northern region, and is known for two-month long nights in the winter and two-weeks of sunshine in the summer.
Sightseeing in Alaska & Things to Do
During your stay at one of the Alaska cabins for rent, you'll want activities that will keep your family entertained. Alaska is a state where are plenty of outdoor things to do, and sites to see. Denali National Park for example, is located in the state and is a popular tourist attraction. While there you and your family can take in the beauty of Alaska's wildlife with a hike or bus tour. Kenai Fjords National Park is another outdoor adventure that the family will certainly enjoy. The Aurora Borealis is an amazing sight to behold and one that should not be missed. Other outdoor activities that will keep you busy include dog sled rides, river rafting and clamming on the beach. If indoor activities are desired, the Alaska Native Heritage Center is a place the family will enjoy.
Regional Foods & Dining in Alaska
During your stay in one of the Alaskan cabins available through, you can experience the state's regional cuisine. Seafood and game are the foods that Alaska is most known for. Fish, including king salmon and halibut, are commonly found in homes and dining establishments. Moose is a food that locals frequently enjoy, although it isn't commonly sold in supermarkets. Regionally, in Southern and Western Alaska, you'll find king crab. Reindeer or caribou, salmon, and flat bread called Bannock, are popular foods statewide. Akuktaq, which is also known as Eskimo Ice Cream, is a traditional treat that combines animal fats and oils, berries, and snow or water. At times it may also include seafood, such as salmon.
Alaska Weather & Climate
The weather in Alaska varies significantly and will depend on the area of Alaska rental homes where you and your family are staying. Generally, the interior portion of the state will have temperatures that are warmer than areas along the coastal region. The interior experiences winter time temperatures that can drop to -60 degrees Fahrenheit, while summer temperatures can go as high as 90. Regardless of where the Alaska rentals are located, there will be ice and snow.
When to Visit
The best time to book one of our available Alaska vacation rentals is during the months between May and September. During this period you and your family will enjoy longer days and can appreciate the beauty of Alaska to its fullest. Most of the tours run during this period, and the days are longer, with the longest day falling in June. There are many statewide and local events held throughout the year, including, but not limited to the following:
  • The Festival of the North - A month long event in February in Ketchikan that includes performances, entertainment, and a wearable art show.
  • The Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race - Also in February, this is a one thousand mile dog sled race that begins in Fairbanks, Alaska.
  • Whale Fest Kodiak - a ten-day festival celebrating the return of the Eastern Pacific Grey Whales to local waters.
  • The Alaskan State Fair - In August, enjoy concerts, attractions, rides, and much more at the fair.
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