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2BR / 1BA - Sleeps 4 - Sandys Home

This cottage provides a quaint Bermuda home experience. There are two bedrooms and one bathroom. The...

$150 - $185 / nt

Visiting Bermuda

The subtropical beauty, renowned beaches and warm waters make Bermuda hard to resist. Unfortunately, it's often hard on the wallet as well, with pricey hotels offering pricier services with their comforts and convenience. That's when Bermuda rentals by owner come in, offering cozy island accommodations at a rental price that allows you to save money. Bermuda vacation home rentals are available at either end of the island, so rent one online today!

Areas Within Bermuda

Our listed Bermuda vacation rentals by owner put this British territory at your fingertips. The 20.5-square-mile locale is home to nine parishes but only one town (St. George) and one city (Hamilton). Each parish has something unique to offer, making which Bermuda vacation rental you choose more important.
From east to west, they are:
  • St. George's Parish: Home to historic St. George, it also includes St. David's Island and the harbor.
  • Hamilton Parish: Its Crystal Caves are a must-see, and there's plenty more to attract curious tourists.
  • Smith's Parish: Includes the unincorporated Flatts Village as well as Gibbet Island and the Spittal Pond preserve.
  • Devonshire Parish: This neighborhood may be small and quiet, but it also features a bay, a fort, and the National Stadium.
  • Pembroke Parish: Home to the city of Hamilton, this area also features the capital port and a historical connection to Shakespeare.
  • Paget Parish: This is a tourist hot spot, thanks in part to its numerous resorts, and the point at which tourism is more apparent. It's also good for bird-watching.
  • Warwick Parish: If you're a golf lover or a fan of horses, this is the parish for you.
  • Southampton Parish: Beach lovers, this area has some of the best beaches, but it's no secret, either. It's also home to Whale Bay.
  • Sandys Parish: It features the Royal Naval Dockyards fortress, excellent shopping, and its own nature reserve.

Things to Do

Bermuda house rentals and a stunning beachside waterfront may be enough for some, but for most, it does make not a Bermuda vacation. Rentals should be a launching point for bigger adventures and memorable experiences. From any of our listed Bermuda vacation rentals, you'll be able to explore all over the island.
  • Beaches: Bermuda is an island made up of islets, so there's no shortage of these. Nearly every parish has at least one.
  • Outdoor diversions: Whether you want to go hiking, fishing, shopping, or horseback-riding, there's a little something for everyone.
  • Out on the water: From scuba- and shipwreck-diving to snorkeling cruises, Dolphin Quest or whale watching, there's always something special.

Food and Dining

Unsurprisingly, seafood features largely into Bermudian cuisine. Grab a meal at the right restaurant or hole-in-the-wall and you might encounter shark hash on toast, fried codfish cakes, spiny lobster, or a singularly Bermudian take on fish and chips, all with a good kick of spice. Don't miss out on the Bermuda fish chowder, which is bright red. Fruits and vegetables are abundant, so vegetarians need not worry. Don't be afraid to venture out of your Bermuda house rentals and see what the locals love.

Weather and When to Visit

Thanks to its subtropical climate, any time of year is perfect for vacation rentals. Bermuda is mild in the winter, and since that's its off season, i.e., November through February, the island is more laid-back. Be careful to check the attractions you'd like to see; not all of them are open in the off season. June through November is hurricane season, but if you keep a careful eye on the weather and listen to the locals, it shouldn't interfere with your trip for more than a day or two. There can still be heavy rains and strong winds, but the island's been lucky because the weather hasn't hurt tourism in the height of peak season, April through September. Don't wait: Check out the great Bermuda beach rentals today!
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