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Visiting Europe

For holiday stays in vacation rentals, Europe makes an attractive destination to many. Many visitors find that European vacation home rentals are a good base to explore famous sights. For families, they offer a cost-cutting and enjoyable alternative to renting multiple expensive hotel rooms. Some of the most popular European city destinations for families include Paris, London, and Madrid. Meanwhile, destinations such as Prague and Barcelona are climbing to the top of many must-see lists. Beaches are also popular, especially for families with young children. When you’re picking a good destination for a vacation rental, Europe also offers highly varied options at any time of year.
Areas Within Europe
Europe is a vast continent. Western Europe appeals to many visitors for its cultural history. Stay in Paris, Madrid, or London and you can see world-famous museums (such as The Louvre, the Museo del Prado, and the Tate Modern) or historical monuments. Northern Europe is a popular destination in the summer months. The castles of Scotland and Ireland draw many visitors, as do the rugged fjords of Norway.
The Mediterranean coast is popular year-round, though especially in the summer months. For idyllic family holidays, numerous villages in Germany and Switzerland are situated beside lakes and scenic nature trails. Throughout the various regions of Europe, rentals range from small apartments to sprawling villas. Picking the best option largely depends on your sightseeing priorities.
Sightseeing in Europe and Things to Do
When taking a Europe vacation, rentals let you save money on accommodations. Instead, you can spend on entertainment and sightseeing. For cultural fun, see a flamenco show in Spain or hear an opera in Vienna. Historians may prefer to visit ruins on Greek islands. Families can enjoy many kid-friendly museums and attractions in cities like London or Berlin.
Regional Foods and Dining in Europe
When you stay in vacation rentals, Europe becomes more affordable in another important area: dining. Anyone who loves good food can find a destination of interest in Europe. Italy is especially famed for its cuisine, with tremendous variation among its regions. Plus, the country’s selection of the finest pizza and pasta will delight hard-to-please younger eaters.
Spain’s famous tapas, served in small portions, have become increasingly in demand worldwide. Even England, long teased for poor cuisine, has unbeatable options for international dining. London’s Chinatown and other neighborhoods are among the world’s greatest hubs for international foods.
European Weather and Climate
If you rent a cozy cottage in Ireland, don’t expect the same weather as at a villa in Tuscany. Depending on where you stay, weather can vary tremendously. Most of Europe has a temperate, continental climate, and you can expect cold winters and warm or hot summers. In southern Spain, though, the summertime temperatures can be oppressively hot. By contrast, Scandinavia is too cold to attract much tourism throughout the winter months. Given the sheer size of Europe, vacation rentals in appealing climates are possible to find year-round.
When to Visit Europe
When you visit Europe is just as important as where you visit. During the summer, many areas have traditional festivals. Remember that many Europeans take their own holidays in July or August. At these times, you can expect more crowded beaches and somewhat quieter cities. Some places merit a visit at certain times of year. Many cities in Germany have beautiful Christmas markets. Towns in southern Spain have extravagant and traditional Easter processions. Checking out local holiday calendars online can help you to find the ideal season for a visit. Also, rentals listed by owner may vary in price. Budget-minded travelers may find that bargain rates make it worth visiting during the off-season. For example, many towns on the Mediterranean are still warm and unusually peaceful in the spring or autumn.