Visiting Georgia

When it comes to family vacations, Georgia is an unforgettable experience with a dose of Southern charm. Families can enjoy a relaxing walk along one of Georgia's stunning beaches, scenic hiking trails, or spend a day at some of the best amusement parks and attractions in the United States. Through, visitors can book vacation rentals in many different parts of Georgia and experience all the activities that the state offers.
Areas within Georgia
If you're planning an outdoor family vacation, by owner Georgia cabin rentals make a perfect "base camp" for exploring the Historic High Country or the Northeast Georgia Mountains. Your family can be at the heart of history by staying at one of the High Country, Georgia cabin rentals, and exploring the region's streams, lakes, wineries and orchards. Cabin rentals in Georgia help your family unwind and relax, away from all the hustle and bustle of city life, all while you save money.
Georgia's history isn't just in its mountains though; the state's Historic Heartland offers a glimpse at Georgia's Civil War Capital. Georgia's Plantation Trace region is steeped in local lore and brimming with historic treasures. If you want to spend your vacation immersed in history, stay at one of the region's cabins for rent. In Georgia, you don't have to go far to be surrounded by history.
Families looking for a huge selection of things to do can take in Atlanta's numerous museums, amusement parks, and attractions. Rental homes in Georgia's largest city mean you never have to leave the endless energy and big city sophistication that the city is known for.
If the beach is what your family wants, coastal Georgia vacation rentals offer all the comforts of home and the luxury of never having to leave the beach. For a day excursion, Savannah, GA offers historic strolls down magnolia tree-lined avenues in one of America's most picturesque cities.
Sightseeing in Georgia & Things to Do
The hard part in planning your Georgia family vacation isn't finding things to do, it's choosing between all the great options! Families will love Wild Adventures, the largest amusement park in the Georgia. The park is home to over 500 wild animals, Splash Island Water Park and regularly hosts all-star concerts. The state also hosts over 500 live events and festivals that visitors can experience. If all the options online overwhelm you, the staff at one of Georgia's Visitor Information Centers can help guide you to the perfect attraction for your family.
Regional Foods & Dining in Georgia
One of the best ways to experience true Southern hospitality is to sit down to some of Georgia's famous fried chicken and legendary peach cobbler. Boiled peanuts are a particular specialty in Georgia, and can purchased from numerous street and roadside vendors. A trip to Georgia also isn't complete without trying grits, the state prepared food. BBQ is another popular food option in the area.
Georgia's Weather & Climate
Georgia's weather is typical of a humid subtropical climate, with mild winters and hot summers. The Atlantic Ocean along Georgia's east coast and the mountains in the north of Georgia also affect those regions' climate. Georgia gets a lot of sun, but also receives a moderate amount of rain; so if you're planning a day excursion, make sure to look at the weather report or pack umbrellas.
When to Visit Georgia
No matter when you decide to visit Georgia, you'll find numerous festivals and events for your family. Winter tourists should visit Atlanta's Global Winter Wonderland and the Georgia Roots Music Festival. If you're planning on visiting during the spring, don't miss the Conyers Cherry Blossom Festival and the Civil War Experience. Summer brings Watermelon Days and the Butterfly Festival, which are sure to delight children of all ages. The changing colors of fall bring the Annual Rock Shrimp Festival and the Beaver Creek Festival and Duck Race, both family favorites.
Whether you prefer a relaxed vacation in the great outdoors at one of the many cabin rentals in Georgia, or the bustling energy of an excursion in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia's combination of stunning outdoor vistas, rich history and museums, and metropolitan delights make it the perfect family vacation getaway.
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