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Hollywood Hills Travel Tips

Hollywood Hills vacation rental properties are the perfect setting for your home movies. Hollywood Hills rentals are surrounded by Los Angeles, and they provide visitors with great city and natural views. These properties also encourage adventure. When families rent properties for their vacation in this exciting area, they invest in memories to last a lifetime. Families can travel to this area by car, bus, plane, or even train. This landscape functions as a map of the (movie) stars as much as a highlight of great American tours.
Must-See Sights
The Hollywood Sign remains one of the most recognizable symbols of CA. With its rich history and breathtaking views, the sign encapsulates so much about the Hollywood Hills. Vacation rentals in this area guarantee that you and your family will have an opportunity to experience this piece of Americana for yourselves. They also make taking advantage of the breathtaking hikes and trails available around the sign possible. Each trail and hike provides its own unique view of the Hollywood Hills. Rental homes surrounding this historic landmark offer the chance for families to take their time exploring the area. This makes the trek towards the legendary sign relaxed.
Mulholland Drive offers the very best of the celebrity experience. Many stars’ homes are located along this road, and guided tours are readily available. Shopping along this road guarantees that each member of the family will take home a memento. Hollywood Hills vacation rentals are close to famous landmarks. This is perfect for tourists who are interested in taking in the real LA experience. Maps available at almost every corner and in most stores make determining your next destination easy. Just point and go. Find homes and landmarks at every turn. Or pay a guide or board a tour bus to take the stress out of travel.
Families that want to experience country living in the big city can try horseback riding along trails. Sunset Ranch offers guided horseback trail riding through the Hollywood Hills. House rentals in the area provide you and your family with a landscape to ride horses and take in the Los Angeles vistas. Horseback riding can be done during the day or night. Some rides are followed by a barbecue. This activity can include the whole family. And rides that last all day have several sights to show.
Special Events
In Hollywood, exciting events happen all of the time. For the best vacation experience, keep an eye out online for special events. For example, the Hollywood Walk of Fame announces star ceremonies about a week before the celebration begins. Book your Hollywood Hills home rentals by owner in advance so you can save money and get the best deal possible. Remember to check for information about special premieres of movies, too. Hollywood regularly celebrates the anniversaries of the release years of classic movies. You can add extra excitement to your stay in Hollywood Hills rentals by booking your rental property at the right time. Plan your trip around the release of a movie starring your favorite celebrity for extra star power!
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