Visiting Illinois

Visiting Illinois should be at the top of every family’s vacation list. Its rich history and cultural diversity makes it a great destination for education and fun. Booking a suitable rental property is a large part of enjoying an extended stay. At Vacation Home Rentals, we have the houses for rent in Illinois that can meet your needs and make your trip to the Prairie State perfect.
Areas within Illinois
Chicago is probably the most recognizable of cities in Illinois for most Americans. From the Magnificent Mile to its famous Italian restaurants, the city remains a popular tourist stop. Other areas add to Illinois’ rich history as well. Elmhurst, IL, contributed to the arts by inspiring the American poet Carl Sandburg. The Mount Prospect Park District is famous for offering almost 500 acres of recreational space for residents and visitors. Whatever your interests, Illinois is bound to have the perfect attractions for you and your family. Check our online listings for information on homes for rent in Illinois. We’re sure to have a house for rent in Illinois that is near the area that you want to explore.
Sightseeing in Illinois and Things to Do
The state of Illinois provides ample opportunity for education and recreation. The Navy Pier in Chicago boasts a Ferris wheel, a botanical retreat, and a children’s museum. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield provides information about the former president and the history of the state. Starved Rock State Park offers beautiful scenes of canyons and waterfalls that visitors can camp around. Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site provides insight into Native American history. It presents artifacts and features a real-life re-creation of settlements that visitors can explore. Cabins for rent in Illinois may be easier to come by in these rural, preserved areas.
Regional Foods and Dining in Illinois
Illinois food can be best classified as Midwestern. Its culinary influences derive from different parts of Europe. It’s not uncommon to find several seafood dishes made in the European style, like lutefisk. A large majority of foods found in Illinois are made with pride from locally grown and fresh fruits and vegetables. For this reason, you’ll find quite a few farms and markets that provide restaurants and grocery stores with produce and other food products. Regional foods include deep-dish pizza and Danish pastries. It’s also popular to incorporate processed foods into main dishes, like Tater Tot casserole. Vacation rentals in Illinois that are located near or around certain demographics will likely have restaurants that reflect cultural tastes. For example, an area densely populated with northern European descendants might serve lutefisk in restaurants.
Illinois Weather and Climate
Despite Chicago’s nickname of “The Windy City,” Illinois does not have exceptional wind activity. The state’s climate is temperate. Summers are generally sunny and hot, and winters are typically cold with snow. While summers can enjoy a cool 70 degrees, temperatures during winter can dip below zero. When searching for houses for rent in Illinois, take the time of year into account. Cabin rentals in Illinois may seem more inexpensive during the winter, but homes for rent can often provide more protection and insulation. Keep in mind that Illinois plains are ripe territory for tornadoes during their peak season.
When to Visit Illinois
Any time’s a good time to visit the great state of Illinois. Consider the safety of a winter visit if temperatures are extremely low. If you plan on visiting the Illinois plains, know that tornado season is between March and June. Illinois cabin rentals may be more popular during the sunny months, so plan on reserving a rental a few months ahead of time. To save money, look for homes for rent in Illinois that are listed by owner.
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