Visiting Indiana

Whether you’re planning to visit Indiana for its beautiful scenery, sports, or kid-friendly activities, this state has something for everyone. The best way for families to explore the region is through Indiana cabin rentals. By choosing to rent a cabin by owner, you know you will have a clean, cozy, spacious rental with the comforts of home! While staying in cabin rentals, Indiana visitors will enjoy experiencing the Midwest’s parks, festivals, and family-oriented attractions.
Tourists staying in cabin rentals in Indiana should know that renting a car is the best way to get around the state. For active families, bicycle rentals are available at White River State Park.
Areas within Indiana
Visitors interested in vacation rentals in Indiana should know that the state has three regions:
  • Northern Indiana is home to many lakes and is part of the Great Lakes Megalopolis. Most of Northern Indiana is in the Corn Belt, meaning that corn is the most important crop. This region has the third-largest Amish population in the country.
  • Central Indiana is the home of Indianapolis and several major universities, like Ball State, Purdue, Butler, and Indiana State. Central Indiana features many green hills and sandstone ravines.
  • Southern Indiana is a mix of forest, hills, and farmland. It contains the 200,000-acre Hoosier National Forest nature preserve.
Sightseeing in Indiana and Things to Do
Indiana is home to many gorgeous parks and fun family attractions! While enjoying cabin rentals in Indiana, curious visitors can explore the best the heartland has to offer. Check out White River State Park, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, one of the best zoos in the country, and the biggest children’s museum in the world!
  • White River State Park in Indianapolis, IN, is the country’s only “cultural urban” state park. It includes the beautiful Military Park and White River as well as attractions like the White River Gardens, Indiana State Museum, and Victory Field.
  • Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore features 15,000 acres of hiking trails, rivers, wetlands, and forests.
  • The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is the biggest children’s museum in the world! It includes a planetarium, biotech lab, carousel, fossils, theater, and much more!
  • The Indianapolis Zoo offers a display of 320 species of animals and has more than 3,800 total. Kids will love the largest shark tank in the country and the interactive dolphin pavilion.
Regional Foods and Dining in Indiana
Indiana is right in the middle of the heartland, also known as “America’s bread basket.” Classic Midwestern cuisine includes staples such as baked pasta, meatloaf, and pot roast — it’s a great place for comfort food. While staying in nearby vacation rentals, Indiana visitors can taste some of the best comfort food in the country. Take a road trip on the Comfort Food Trail in Southwest Indiana and sample the best of the Midwest.
Indiana Weather and Climate
The climate in Indiana is typical of the Midwest, with cold winters and mild summers. The average winter temperature is between 35 and 40 degrees, while the summers usually clock in around the mid-80s. But tourists should keep in mind that Indiana is part of Tornado Alley: Tornado season affects the area between April and June.
When to Visit Indiana
Tourists interested in Indiana cabin rentals should plan their visit around the state’s popular events. Keep in mind that rentals book up fast around these events, especially the Indy 500! Be sure to reserve your space online to save time and money.
  • The Indianapolis 500 (May): This annual race is one of the top three motor-sports races in the world. The race draws more than 300,000 attendees each year.
  • Eitejorg Museum’s Indian Market and Festival (June): This celebration includes authentic Native art, food, and performers. More than 150 artists from 60 tribes gather each year to celebrate Native culture.
  • The Amish Acres Arts & Crafts Festival (August): For more than 50 years, this celebration of everything Amish has been a highlight. It’s one of the top 100 arts and crafts events in America. The Amish Acres Festival features more than 300 artists selling hand-crafted wares.
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