Visiting Washington

In terms of the vacation rental Washington offers plenty of choice. Whether you choose to stay in one of the vacation rentals in San Juan Islands, stay in a Seattle vacation rental in the middle of things, or choose a rental near a national forest or state park, you will be happy with your choice.

Regions in Washington

Washington house rentals are located in the following regions:

  • Eastern Washington including Spokane Washington house rentals.
  • South Central Washington
  • Cascade Region including Roslyn Washington vacation rentals and the choice Alpental Washington vacation rental putting you in the Summit at Snoqualmie. Summit is about two hours away from Seattle area vacation rental homes.
  • Seattle area includes Seattle vacation rental homes and Tacoma rentals.
  • Olympia Peninsula
  • San Juan Islands and Whidbey Island. Whidbey Island vacation rentals are popular with visitors looking to get away from it all.
  • Puget Sound Area with nice Puget Sound vacation rentals.
  • South West Washington includes Moclips vacation rentals and Ocean Shores Washington vacation rentals

Sightseeing for Washington Vacation Rental Guests

Guests staying in Washington vacation rental homes often visit a state or national park. For rental homes Seattle offers many choices. For a Victorian experience, stay in one of the lovely Port Townsend vacation rentals. Guests staying in Port Townsend vacation rentals enjoy walking through the National Historic District. Port Townsend vacation rentals in residential Uptown are two blocks from the water’s edge.

Port Townsend vacation rentals include cottages and luxury vacation homes. Guests staying in Port Townsend vacation rentals enjoy exploring Fort Worden State Park. Favorite restaurants for guests staying in Port Townsend vacation rentals include Lonny’s Restaurant and the Silverwater Café.

Canada is a popular destination from Washington. Canada is about two hours north of Seattle vacation rental homes. Sequim rentals are two hours south of Victoria, British Columbia (by ferry). Birch Bay rental properties are about 20 minutes south of British Columbia. Bellingham rentals are about an hour’s drive to Canada. Guests staying in Bellingham rentals enjoy exploring nearby Mount Baker National Forest.

Outdoor Fun in Washington

Guests staying in Washington vacation rentals enjoy hiking and boating. With all the rental homes Seattle offers, Seattle is an easy first choice. Many guests enjoy rental houses in Ocean Shores or end up reserving Whidbey Island rentals. Guests staying in Whidbey Island vacation rentals love pony riding and clamming on the beach.

Not everybody is suited for an Alpental Washington vacation rental; Alpental is a ski area with black diamond runs located on the Summit in Snoqualmie Pass. If you are an experienced skier looking for an unforgettable experience, consider this area.

Seattle Vacation Rentals

Out of Washington vacation rentals Seattle WA is a popular destination for visitors. There is so much to see and do in the Seattle area. No matter where their Seattle vacation rental is located, guests staying in Seattle area rental homes often enjoy these experiences:

  • Seattle’s International District
  • Seattle’s Pike Place Market with the famous “flying” (or more accurately tossed) fish is another big draw for visitors staying in Seattle vacation rentals.

Rental homes Seattle style include apartments, large beachfront properties, and luxury vacation homes.

Day Trips for Guests Staying in Seattle Vacation Rentals

Many visitors staying in Seattle vacation rental homes venture out on one of the following day trips:

  • Day trip to Mt. Rainer is about two hours south west of Seattle vacation rentals.
  • Day trip to Mt. St. Helens. In terms of rental homes, Seattle is about four hours north of Mt. St. Helens.

When considering vacation rentals Seattle Washington is a great location close to the air transportation. Seattle vacation homes are about fourteen miles north of the airport. In terms of rental homes Seattle offers visitors different lodging styles and locations. Tacoma rentals are also a great location for visitors.

Other Activities in Washington

Guests staying in Washington vacation rentals enjoy these activities:

  • Visiting Rosyln. Fans of Northern Exposure, a 1990s TV show, still visit Roslyn. Roslyn Washington vacation rentals are favorites for die-hard fans. Vacation rentals in Roslyn Washington are about a 90 minutes from Seattle.
  • Whale watching in the San Juan Islands. Visitors also love staying in nearby Whidbey Island rentals.

Shopping in Washington

Book store hopping in Seattle is very popular with both locals and visitors.

Food and Dining in Washington

Guests staying in Washington vacation rentals enjoy a varied cuisine available in Washington. Visitors staying in Seattle vacation rentals can discover why Seattle is well known for its vegetarian style.

Washington Weather

Guests staying in Washington vacation rentals may have heard that it rains a lot in Washington. You may not find that many umbrellas in rental homes Seattle based since many locals get used to the constant drizzle. A light anorak will suit you just fine. During the summer, temperatures usually stay in the mid 70s. In the winter months, temperatures rarely dip below freezing along the coastal part of Washington. Considering the location of the vacation rental, Washington may offer different weather experiences to the visitor.  

When to Visit Washington

Washington vacation rentals and Seattle vacation rentals are popular year round. Some visitors, however, reserve rentals for one of these events:

  • Seattle’s International District celebrates the Chinese New Year in January or February (depends on the Chinese lunar calendar). A downtown Seattle vacation rental would be perfect.
  • In May, Seattle celebrates the beginning of the boating season with the Windermere Cup Races. A Seattle vacation rental would put you close to the boating action.
  • Rosyln hosts a “Manly Man” Festival in June that includes a Spam cooking contest. Rosyln Washington vacation rentals are a great way to enjoy festivities with a local perspective. Vacation rentals in Roslyn Washington put guests in the middle all the action.
  • Port Townsend is busy in July with different music festivals. Port Townsend vacation rentals fill up fast so plan ahead early.
  • In August, Seattle hosts a “professional” Bubble Blowing contest. With consideration to rental homes Seattle offers many perfect locations.
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