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About Bermuda

With gorgeous beaches, colorful festivals, and great food, Bermuda is a top choice for travelers seeking relaxation and luxury. Book waterfront Bermuda vacation rentals in some of the most popular locations on the island, and have fun exploring Bermuda from end to end. You’ll find the subtropical beauty, soft sands and warm waters hard to resist!

Bermuda's Climate

Bermuda has a humid subtropical climate that’s nearly a tropical climate. This island nation catches warm Gulf Stream breezes year-round, and temperatures rarely drop below 60 degrees. Also, the weather fluctuates a bit, depending on the season. In the summer months, temperatures top out in the mid-80s, while winter highs are closer to 70 degrees. Since Bermuda is in a hurricane region, the nation can experience heavy rains and strong storms from June through November. Typically, the best time to visit is March or April, when the weather is mild and there’s plenty going on.

How to Get Around Bermuda

Many travelers visit Bermuda while on a cruise, but flying is the most popular way to visit this island nation for an extended stay. Fly into L.F. Wade International Airport, and hop on a bus or into a taxi to get to Bermuda vacation rentals in Hamilton, Hog Bay, or St. George’s. Though visitors can’t rent cars in Bermuda, you can rent a motorbike or a scooter. If you plan to explore the island from head to toe, renting a motorbike is a solid option.

Areas within Bermuda

Our listed Bermuda vacation rentals by owner put this British territory at your fingertips. The 20.5-square-mile locale is home to nine parishes but only one town (St. George) and one city (Hamilton). Each parish has something unique to offer, making which Bermuda vacation rental you choose more important. From east to west, they are:

  • St. George's Parish: Home to historic St. George, it also includes St. David's Island and the harbor.
  • Hamilton Parish: Its Crystal Caves are a must-see, and there's plenty more to attract curious tourists.
  • Smith's Parish: Includes the unincorporated Flatts Village as well as Gibbet Island and the Spittal Pond preserve.
  • Devonshire Parish: This neighborhood may be small and quiet, but it also features a bay, a fort, and the National Stadium.
  • Pembroke Parish: Home to the city of Hamilton, this area also features the capital port and a historical connection to Shakespeare.
  • Paget Parish: This is a tourist hot spot, thanks in ...

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