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About Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a freshwater lake on the border of California and Nevada, just west of Carson City, NV. A Lake Tahoe lakefront vacation rental connects you to the majesty of nature and the wonder of the earth without sacrificing the modern conveniences. The Lake Tahoe area has two sections – North Tahoe in Nevada and Tahoe South in California. Tahoe affords visitors the opportunity to enjoy the largest alpine lake in North America set amidst the jaw-dropping beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Communities Around Lake Tahoe

There are many different communities that offer Lake Tahoe rentals, and they are all equally wonderful places to take a family vacation. Kings Beach is located at the top of Lake Tahoe and is a great beach for visitors, with shopping, restaurants, and beach access for sand volleyball, concerts, and art shows. Meeks Bay is quiet and sits on the West Shore, and Lake Tahoe house rentals there can have luxurious lake views. Zephyr Cove is a historic district located southeast of the lake. There are many activities there, including dinner cruises, boating, kayaking, parasailing, and horseback riding. South Lake Tahoe is an entertaining place to book cabin rentals in Lake Tahoe. It has the largest casinos in the area and includes great nightlife. South Lake Tahoe is bike-friendly, and there are bicycles for rent to enjoy the scenery.

Things to Do

Mother Nature is on center stage in Lake Tahoe, and her pleasures are simple, from watching gorgeous sunsets to hiking, skiing, or spending the day on the water. She puts on a show year round and invites everyone to enjoy the natural beauty of this spot. With so many beautiful vistas and outdoor activities, most travelers to this area would be content just exploring nature, but Tahoe at night offers plenty to do and see. From headlining concerts to nightclubs and dive bars, Tahoe nightlife shines almost as brightly as its glorious stars.

While staying in Lake Tahoe, be sure to visit the Gondola at Heavenly. This eight-passenger cabin made of glass will take you up more than 2 miles of mountainside for a scenic view of the lake and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Located in Tahoe City, Alpine Meadows offers exceptional skiing in the winter for intermediate and advanced skiers, while in the summer, they offer long, leisurely horseback rides through the mountains to enjoy the views. Lake Tahoe Balloons in South Lake Tahoe will give your family a one-of-a-kind balloon ...

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