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About Los Angeles Area

During a trip to California, the Los Angeles Area is a hot spot for vacationers looking to see cultural landmarks, enjoy fun things to do, and take in beautiful sights. Stay in Los Angeles Area vacation rentals downtown or venture closer to the Pacific and make it a memorable trip to the City of Angels.  


Located in Southern California, the Los Angeles Area sees mild to warm weather year-round. On average, there are only about 35 days with measureable precipitation throughout the year, and the abundant sunshine makes it a great destination to explore. There can be extreme variations in temperature depending on vacationers’ locations as the weather is often different along the coast from what it’s like in the hills. 


When looking for Los Angeles Area vacation rentals, there are plenty of different neighborhoods to choose from for your home base. Depending on what you want to do and any specific places you want to see, each area within Los Angeles County will offer a different experience from the next.

  • Beverly Hills: A city commonly known by its zip code ‘90210,’ it was popularized by television in the past and remains one of the more popular areas for tourists to enjoy a lavish getaway filled with spas and shopping.  
  • Downtown: In downtown Los Angeles, you’ll find the business district, the hub of the entertainment industry, cultural landmarks, and attractions like art shows, concert halls, museums, and more. 
  • Hollywood: This part of the Los Angeles Area is legendary for its role in the entertainment industry and boasts iconic landmarks for all visitors to enjoy.
  • Santa Monica: To counter Hollywood’s glamorous movie vibe, Santa Monica is more of a resort town with the beach as its main attraction. Visitors come here to relax and bask in the nice weather. 
  • Venice Beach: Last but not least, Venice Beach is a quirky neighborhood that vacationers flock to for shopping and people watching. Right on the ocean, it offers a unique atmosphere and something different every day. 


Fly into Los Angeles International Airport, then explore the area via car or take advantage of the city’s extensive public transportation system. There are over 200 metro bus lines and six metro rail lines, which allow visitors and locals alike to get to and from just about anywhere in the Los Angeles area. Although it might require several transfers to ...

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