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About Caribbean

With hundreds of destinations, each with its own unique attractions and personality, there’s a Caribbean island to suit every traveler. Book the Caribbean vacation rentals of your choice for a relaxing, adventurous, or romantic stay in the islands.

Caribbean Climate

From Cuba on the west to Trinidad in the east, the 700 islands in the Caribbean enjoy an oceanic tropical climate. Temperatures and rainy seasons vary slightly from island to island, but in general, all islands tend to be hot and humid. Summer temperatures generally reach the upper 80s or low 90s, while winter temperatures hover in the low 80s. Since the Caribbean’s rainy season and hurricane season span from June through November, many travelers prefer to visit during the winter and spring.

How to Get Around the Caribbean

To visit multiple Caribbean islands during a short period of time, it’s best to book a cruise that stops at some of your preferred islands. To plan a longer stay on one or two islands, however, fly to the island of your choice and take advantage of island public transit. On most islands, you can hop from Caribbean vacation rentals to beaches and back using a combination of taxis, minibuses, and motorbikes.

Things to Do in the Caribbean

The Dominican Republic is best known for its beaches and charming historic quarters, so start your day here with a walk along Playa Rincón and a dip in the sea. If you’re looking for something even more remote, charter a boat to Bahía de Las Águilas, one of the island’s most secluded beaches. Don’t forget to visit the colonial district in Santo Domingo, which is the New World’s oldest city. Here you can walk along 16th-century streets and peek at historic mansions.

A handful of nations make up the U.S. Virgin Islands, and most of the action happens on St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix. Go for a picturesque swim at Magens Bay, one of the most popular beaches on St. Thomas and throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands. On St. John, hike, boat, and swim through the 7,000 acres of Virgin Islands National Park. On St. Croix, discover the island’s boozy history at the Cruzan Rum Distillery and learn about its centuries of sugar cane production at the Estate Whim Plantation Museum.

When you visit Aruba, you won’t want to miss Eagle Beach or Hadicurari Beach, two of the best spots on the northwestern edge of the island. Scope out the windsurfers and catch some rays on these free public beaches. Head to Arikok National Park to spot Aruba’s wildlife, including iguanas, birds, and goats. Here you can also hike to various caves, beaches, and hilltops.

No matter which island you choose, outdoor adventures, sightseeing tours, and swimming with dolphins and sharks are just a few of the experiences waiting for you at any of the Caribbean islands. Explore the area via helicopter for a unique aerial perspective of try your hand at snorkeling and diving to see the colorful marine life that inhabit the surrounding waters.

Regional Foods & Dining in the Caribbean

Visitors staying in one of the many Caribbean vacation rentals have the option to try many different exotic cuisines. Because the Caribbean consists of so many different islands, the local foods are inspired by a variety of foods and flavors from several cultures. Jamaica is famous for its spicy jerk pork and chicken, and it is also known for exporting some of the world’s finest coffee. The Bahamas are known for their dishes made from conch, an ocean mollusk. It is often served deep-fried or heavily spices in soups and stews. Visitors to Trinidad and Tobago must try their world-famous shark dishes. Typically served within “bake,” a type of fried bread, this will surely be a meal to remember during your Caribbean vacation.

Can’t-Miss Caribbean Events

No matter when you visit the Caribbean, you’re bound to encounter a festival. The Trinidad Carnival, held after Easter each year, has been a major attraction for over 200 years. Today revelers dress up in elaborate costumes, dance to calypso music, and party for days.

In Barbados, islanders celebrate the close of the sugar cane harvest for about five weeks each summer. For over a month, visitors can join in live music, drinking, and plenty of parades.

Each fall, Cayman Island locals celebrate Pirates Week Festival for 11 days. The activities range from treasure hunts to musical performances to heritage days to races. If you time your visit right, you can even witness a recreated pirate invasion in George Town.

The World Rugby Classic, held in Bermuda, is a decades-old sporting event featuring some of the world’s top rugby players. 

Whether you visit Barbados, the Dominican Republic, or Aruba, you’ll find a sunny stretch of beach, fascinating history, and your pick of Caribbean vacation rentals to call home.

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