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About Colombia

Visiting Columbia

From majestic rainforest to spectacular beaches, lush grasslands, and amazing mountains, Colombia has it all. Colombia is a country of deep cultural traditions, stunning architecture, and breathtaking natural beauty. No matter how often they return to their Colombia rental properties, guests find something new to enjoy. When planning your stay, you can find Colombia vacation rentals by owner from Vacation Home Rentals in any of the country’s five unique regions. These are the Andes, Coastal Pacific, Caribbean Sea, Los Llanos, and Amazon regions.

Sightseeing and Things to Do

Enjoy time with your family at our comfortable Colombia rentals and experience a vacation like no other.
  • The Caribbean region contains some of the most beautiful beaches in the country and is perfect for boating, diving, or just soaking up the sun.
  • Take the family to Santa Mara, Colombia’s oldest city, and walk through a historic district famous for its colonial architecture.
  • Travel to Tayrona National Park to explore the sandy beaches and gorgeous jungle of this unspoiled paradise.
  • Save time and have a unique family experience at one of our Cartagena, Colombia, rental properties by taking a day trip to Totumo Volcano and relaxing in its natural mud baths.
  • Colombia house rentals in the Coastal Pacific region give you access to beaches on the coast and rainforest further inland. This is a prime place for whale- and dolphin-watching.
  • Enjoy the sugary sand of Bahía Solano during the day, and visit turtle sanctuaries during the evening.
  • Walk down the streets of Bogota to see the eclectic mix of colonial and modern architecture.
  • Visit the Gold Museum and see an astonishing collection of pre-colonial native gold work.
  • Horseback-riding, boating, and hiking are the main draws of the swamps, flood plains, and waterways of the Los Llanos region.
  • Visit Serrania de La Macarena National Park to see the Caño Cristales, the “river of five colors.” You can also see waterways that are home to the pink Amazonian river dolphin.
  • Enjoy the lush beauty of Amacayacú National Park. Its river systems are a sight to see, and its swamps are flooded at certain times of year.
  • Visit Monkey Island, home to several species of primate and a great place for bird-watching.

Regional Food and Dining

Colombian cuisine has regional variations influenced by Spanish, Arab, African, indigenous, and Asian cuisines. Guests ...

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