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Denver, CO, Travel Tips

Denver, CO, is a fun and exciting city that sits near the base of the Rocky Mountains. Called “the Mile-High City,” it's a location that has some of the most spectacular views of nature. It's also a great place for families planning an adventurous vacation. Rental homes in Denver are the perfect place for families to lay their heads at night, and Vacation Home Rentals can help when it comes to finding the right one. When searching online for Denver vacation rentals, you'll find that we list an impressive number of for-rent-by-owner homes here on our website.
In addition to choosing Denver rental homes for your stay, there are a few extra tips that will help save your family from discomfort. Temperatures in Denver tend to fluctuate, so bring clothing that is easy to layer. This way, your family can effortlessly add or remove items as needed for comfort. Because of the high altitude, pack sunglasses, lip balm, and plenty of sunscreen, no matter what time of year it is. Drinking plenty of water is another useful tip that will help you to cope with the dry air and high altitude.


Denver house rentals are one of the best ways to get the most out of visiting the city. After a restful night in your rental, you'll be happy with the amount of attractions that Denver has to offer. If you're interested in indoor activities, there are many museums to visit, including the Denver Art Museum, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the Black American West Museum, and the American Museum of Western Art - The Anschutz Collection. Families with children also won't want to miss the Children's Museum of Denver. Other kid-friendly activities include the Denver Zoo and Downtown Aquarium.
Tourists staying in Denver rental homes may also enjoy outdoor activities. For example, the Southwest Rink at Skyline Park is open between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day, and it is a fun place to skate. Four Mile Historic Park, which is the home of the oldest standing structure in Denver, is yet another popular destination for the family.
For a more adventurous outing, plan a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park during your stay. If your family prefers, there are outdoor activities right in Denver, including 850 miles of trails and bike routes. For a more relaxed day, be sure to visit the Denver Botanic Gardens.
Denver is also a great city for sports fans. While in Denver, catch a game at the ...

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