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Aspen, CO Travel Tips

Mountains, Aspen trees, snow, and the occasional celebrity sighting are just a few of the things that people expect when visiting Aspen, CO. Although this breathtaking city, which is located in the Rocky Mountains, is widely known as a popular winter destination with world-class skiing, it is so much more. Plan a trip to Aspen at any time of the year and you'll discover that there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep adults and children active and fully satisfied. People traveling to Aspen with their families will want to take note of useful tips that can help take their vacation plans to the next level by saving them money and ensuring a great time for all. When planning a trip to Aspen, vacation rentals are a perfect choice for families. Here at, we offer some of the best Aspen luxury rentals and rental rates online. The Aspen vacation homes that are featured here on our web site are "for rent by owner" properties that are well maintained and offer tourists all of the amenities of home. Packing for Aspen's weather is another important tip to heed. Because it is widely known for its winter activities, people might mistakenly believe that the weather in Aspen is cold year round. Although average low temperatures tend to reach 48 degrees Fahrenheit, the average high temperatures during the summer, particularly during the area's hottest month of July, can reach 79 degrees.


Families who plan to stay in Aspen cabin rentals will want to consider a rental that is nearest the attractions that interest them the most. Just as there are plenty of Aspen, Colorado vacation rentals, there are plenty of things for families to see and do. Skiing is one of the major draws for people visiting the city during the winter months, which is no surprise considering its proximity to four mountains worth of wintertime fun. Aspen Mountain, Snowmass, Aspen Highland, and Buttermilk Mountain are guaranteed to provide hours of enjoyment for skiers, both novice and experienced. Before heading to the slopes from your Aspen vacation rental, make sure to choose wisely. Aspen Mountain isn't for the novice skier, but Buttermilk and Snowmass are good options for families with children. Other activities outside of the ski slopes are varied and some depend on the season. Must-see attractions for families staying in Aspen vacation home rentals include riding the Silver Queen Gondola up Aspen ...

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