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Europe is an attractive destination to vacationers as its landscape is diverse, and the continent boasts a wide variety of attractions. Many visitors find that Europe vacation rentals serve as a good home base for exploring famous sights, and families enjoy the cost-cutting and enjoyable alternative to renting multiple expensive hotel rooms. Save money staying in Europe vacation rentals, so you can enjoy exploring historic landmarks, taking in the local culture, and hopping from country to country during your vacation.


If you rent a cozy cottage in Ireland, don’t expect the same weather as at a villa in Tuscany. Depending on where you stay and when you visit, the weather can vary tremendously. Most of Europe has a temperate, continental climate, so you can expect relatively cold winters and warm or hot summers. In southern Spain, the summertime temperatures can be oppressively hot, and areas with a Mediterranean climate tend to be warm and dry. By contrast, Scandinavia is too cold to attract much tourism throughout the winter months, and subarctic and tundra climates are found here. Given the sheer size of the continent, vacation rentals in Europe in appealing climates are easy to find year-round. 


Europe is a vast continent. Western Europe appeals to many visitors for its cultural history. Stay in Paris, Madrid, or London and you can see world-famous museums and historical monuments. Northern Europe is a popular destination during the summer months. The castles of Scotland and Ireland draw many visitors, as do the rugged fjords of Norway.

The Mediterranean coast is popular year-round, though especially in the summer months. For idyllic family holidays, numerous villages in Germany and Switzerland are situated beside lakes and scenic nature trails. Throughout the various regions of Europe, rentals range from small apartments to sprawling villas. Picking the best option largely depends on your sightseeing priorities. 

Things to do

There’s something unique to see and do everywhere you go in Europe. For cultural fun, see a flamenco show in Spain or listen to an opera in Vienna. In France, The Louvre and The Musee D’Orsay are must-visits. Both are beautiful works of art themselves and inside they are home to masterpieces, like the Mona Lisa and paintings by Claude Monet. The British Museum is one of the largest and most comprehensive museums in the world, and it documents the story of ...

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