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Cape Canaveral, FL Travel Tips

Located on the “Space Coast,” Cape Canaveral, FL, is a uniquely popular travel destination. Tourists are drawn to this area for its beauty and wildlife but also for its history with America’s space program. Hotels in the city are often crowded and don’t offer much room for families with children. Cape Canaveral vacation rentals are a smart solution that can save money and reduce frustration. At, families can find a selection of well-maintained Cape Canaveral rentals. The rentals on our site are available for-rent-by-owner properties. They are also some of the best properties that you’ll find online. Before searching for Cape Canaveral condo rentals, it is advisable to check the weather. Cape Canaveral experiences warm weather conditions year-round, with January and February high temperature averages of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and average lows of 57 degrees. August has the hottest temperatures, with average highs of 87 degrees Fahrenheit and average lows of 77 degrees. During the cooler months, evening temperatures may seem cool to some tourists. For that reason, it is a good idea to pack jackets or light sweaters for the family. In the summer months, travelers should be aware of the risk of tropical storms as well as hot temperatures and high humidity. July to September are the area’s rainy season as well, which can make packing complicated. Summer travelers will want to dress for the heat by bringing typical summer attire, but rain protection is also needed.


There are plenty of attractions that will keep tourists busy when they are not in their vacation rentals. Cape Canaveral is next to the Kennedy Space Center and has many attractions that are space-related. Tourists may plan to take a bus tour to the Air Force Space and Missile Museum or the Air Force Space and Missile History Center. The history center is also a part of the museum, but it is open six days of the week and located outside of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. A Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Space Tour may also be arranged, depending on the station’s mission requirements. The tour takes passengers to several sites, including the museum and the history center. Tourists are also able to catch sight of the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse, which is not open to the public.
Tourists who are staying in Cape Canaveral beach rentals may also wish to visit Jetty Park. The park ...

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