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About Greek Islands

Visiting the Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are some of the most beautiful and cultural places on earth. The architecture and landscape is different than any other vacation location. Families can save by getting a rental by owner in one of the Greek Islands. This can be easily done by searching online for accommodations to rent for your family for a wonderful vacation getaway. You can learn about the wonderful and unusual architecture, ancient ruins, culture, and history in a place surrounded by the ocean, delightful restaurants, and great shopping.


Greece is made up of anywhere between 1,200 and 6,000 islands, but only approximately 200 of those are inhabited. The largest island is Crete, followed by Euboea, Lesbos, and Rhodes. They are grouped by location, and these groups include the Argo-Saronic Islands, the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, the North Aegean Islands, the Sporades, and the Ionian Islands in addition to many different islets, rocks, and tiny islands along the coast of Crete. You can find Greek Island vacation rentals to suit your family’s needs for your next vacation on any of these beautiful islands. The many different Greek Island rentals can allow you to enjoy the beauty of the Greek Islands while resting and relaxing in the exotic island atmosphere.

Things to Do

While staying in local villa rentals, Greek Islands visitors should be sure to go to the Aquaworld Aquarium in Crete to see the sea animals and reptiles of the region, including lizards, snakes, and tortoises from around the region. Arion Stables is also located in Crete and is a place where you can ride horses along the beach and through the mountains and even enjoy the beautiful sunset during a leisurely ride. There is also a horse-and-carriage service that can take you on a tour around the island to visit some of the most interesting places. When staying at one of the Greek Island rentals on the island of Rhodes, be sure to see the ancient city of Rhodes. This walled city is a wonderful place to walk around and see the history and culture of times past. It is fun to also take a break in one of the many restaurants and souvenir shops along the way. The Archeological Museum of Rhodes is a great place to visit and see ancient archeology, architecture, and antiques from ancient times. It also includes a guided tour for those who want to understand more about local history while staying at a Greek Island villa rental.


There are many wonderful ...

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