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About Idaho

Visiting Idaho

Idaho, in the northwestern region of the U.S., is the 14th largest state, but it is one of the least densely populated. Idaho has mountains, rivers, and lakes, and it is famous for being the “potato state.” It is also well-known for gemstone mining. Almost every type of gemstone ever found has been found there, including the rare star garnet. While searching for cabin rentals in Idaho, you can look anywhere in the state and be able to find fun family activities. Both winter and summer boast great vacation getaways, and you can opt to stay anywhere in ID and have a perfect visit at any age.

Regions of Idaho

Idaho is a large state and has a lot of great natural attractions. The state consists of seven sections: Northern, North Central, Southwestern, Central, South Central, Eastern, and Southeastern. Each region offers something different to enjoy for visitors staying in Idaho vacation rentals. Families can discover natural beauty and have fun while staying in vacation rentals in Idaho, available online by owner.

Popular Attractions

In the Northern region, families can visit lakes and forests and see breathtaking wildlife while staying at a North Idaho rental. In the Central section of the state, there are mountain ranges, rodeos, camping, and gorgeous scenery. The South Central section has waterfalls, pioneer architecture, fossils, and granite formations. The Southeastern section of the state features lava rocks, geysers, and hot springs. It also includes part of The Oregon Trail.


Idaho is full of ranches and wildlife, so meat is a big part of the state’s cuisine. There are famous chilies, sausages, barbecue, and fresh fish recipes that are indigenous to the state. Game is quite prevalent, so along with beef, bison, and free-range poultry, you’ll see elk, antelope, caribou, duck, and pheasant served. Dining establishments near many cabin rentals in Idaho serve frontier foods and Rocky Mountain cuisine. And the state hosts food-focused events throughout the year. Idaho food festivals include the Emmett Cherry Festival, the Raspberry Festival, and the Greek Food Festival.

Weather and Climate

Vacationers can experience varied weather at their vacation rentals. Idaho has much cloud cover in the winter, as well as precipitation and humidity. The winter temperatures are usually not as low as you’d expect in a northern state, due to its high elevations. In the eastern part of the state, ...

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