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About Israel

Visiting Israel

Tel Aviv vacation rentals are a great way to explore Israel's second largest city. While much of Israel is renowned for its ancient origins, Tel Aviv is a newer metropolis but has quickly become a hub for global tourism. Founded in 1909, many revere Tel Aviv for its beaches, restaurants, museums, theater, art galleries, music events, and architecture. Middle East turmoil shouldn't be reason to avoid visiting Tel Aviv or Israel in general. Check with news reports and if leaving from the United States, look to the State Department for updates on political tensions and recommendations. For those traveling with families, one of the best ways to enjoy a trip to Israel is to choose a house or apartment rental. Tel Aviv is one of the premier destinations in Israel, and makes a splendid family vacation destination.
Those visiting Israel will want to include a stop to Tel Aviv. There, visitors find a plethora of family friendly activities to engage in. Though Tel Aviv is a newer city, the old city of Jaffa is rich with antiquity. Tel Aviv sits adjacent to the water, making it a premier destination for beach lovers. Families will find numerous shops, restaurants, and cafes to enjoy along the promenade. Tourists also find an entertaining atmosphere combined with the religious overtones of the land. For example, swimming is gender-separated on certain days for the faithful, but that doesn't prevent the tourist from enjoying their vacation as well. There is always something fun and exciting happening on Israel's beaches day or night. Tel Aviv vacation rentals are an excellent choice for those who want to visit the beauty and wonder of the city.

Regions of Israel

There are six, separate regions or districts that comprise Israel and the Judea, Samaria area also known as the West Bank. The six districts are the Northern, Jerusalem, Southern, Haifa, Central, and Tel Aviv. The Tel Aviv district is divided into separate neighborhoods and those planning a vacation should consider where they prefer their apartment rental. Tel Aviv neighborhoods include Neve Tzedek, the Yemenite Vineyard, Basel Square, Florentine, and Shenkin. Vacation rentals in Tel Aviv are available in the city and on the waterfront. For those seeking a relaxing environment for the kids, choosing a home, apartment, or condominium to rent is a great way to reduce the stress associated with staying in hotels.

Sightseeing in Israel & Things to Do

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