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About Israel

With mineral-rich waters in the Dead Sea Region, bustling city centers, beautiful beaches, and much more, Israel has the potential to meet every vacationer’s needs. In particular, Tel Aviv has become a hub for global tourism and is revered for its beaches, restaurants, museums, theater and architecture. For those traveling with families, one of the best ways to enjoy a trip to the Middle East is by choosing a vacation rental in Israel. 

Travel tips

Middle East turmoil should not be a reason to avoid visiting Tel Aviv or staying in other Israel vacation rentals. Check with news reports and if leaving from the United States, look to the State Department for updates on political tensions and recommendations when making arrangements. Another thing to keep in mind is that tourists will find an entertaining atmosphere combined with the religious overtones of the land in Israel. For example, swimming is gender-separated on certain days for the faithful, but that doesn’t prevent tourists from enjoying their vacation as well. 


In general, Israel is known for having hot, dry summers and short, cool winters typical of a Mediterranean climate. The climate does vary by location, though, and both latitude and altitude are key factors in determining the type of weather you’ll experience in Israel. Those staying in the northern and coastal regions of Israel should be prepared for a hot, dry environment during the summer and cool, rainy weather during the winter. In the South, the weather makes for great beach vacations on the Red Sea year-round. You’ll only need to worry about snowfall if visiting the area around Golan Heights from December to March, as snow is rare in the other parts of the country. 


There are six, separate regions or districts that comprise Israel, including the Northern District, Jerusalem District, Southern District, Haifa District, Central District, and Tel Aviv District. The Tel Aviv District is is one of the more popular districts to stay in, and it is divided into many neighborhoods. Those planning a vacation here should consider where they prefer their apartment rental. Tel Aviv neighborhoods include Neve Tzedek, the Yemenite Vineyard, Basel Square, Florentine, and Shenkin. Vacation rentals in Tel Aviv are available in the city and on the waterfront. 

Things to do

When visiting Israel, Tel Aviv vacation rentals are a great way to ensure you have the luxury of ...

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