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About Jerusalem

Retreat into biblical history with an affordable sabbatical at Jerusalem vacation rentals, where cosmopolitan life blends with ancient civilization. Retrace the footsteps of Jesus and tour temples, museums, and holy sites in Israel. Become immersed in the local culture and sample native cuisine. Return each evening to relax and unwind in a modern and well-appointed abode.

Take a guided tour and explore The Mount of Olives, a hill from biblical times teeming with holy sites such as the Tomb of Mary, several churches, and an immense cemetery. Jerusalem's western wall, commonly known as the Wailing Wall, is all that is left of King Herod's second temple. The crevices in the wall hold notes of requests and prayers from numerous visitors.

The Western Wall Tunnel extends underground to the ancient city, revealed by arduous archaeological work that is ongoing. The place of King David's burial on Mount Zion is below the coenaculum, or the room of the Last Supper. It is widely believed that it is a replica, built by the Romans and the original room of the Last Supper may be buried directly under it. After a full day of sightseeing, guests can return to relax in comfortable Jerusalem vacation home rentals.

Weeks can be spent exploring the fascinating holy sites and museums in and around the city. Guests staying at Jerusalem apartment rentals have short commutes to most of the major attractions and sites. The Citadel is home to Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Christianity's most holy location and is purportedly the anointing, crucifying, and burial tomb of Jesus. Visitors can walk along the same last path Jesus walked, as he carried the burden of his cross.

Vacationers at Jerusalem rentals searching for some sun and surf can journey to the Dead Sea, and spend the day floating in the densely mineralized waters, or lather up the mud for an impromptu therapeutic spa treatment. The lovely shores of Lake Kinneret, widely known as the Sea of Galilee, hold biblical prominence and are surrounded by many historical sites to visit.

Travelers can experience a day of local culture and cuisine visiting the Mahane Yehuda Market, called The Shuk by locals. Well over 200 vendors gather together here to sell edibles from all around the world. Sample delicacies, and browse the stalls brimming with fresh goods. End the exploration with a visit to Mahneyuda, which is managed by three of Jerusalem's top culinary artists. The restaurant sports a unique ...

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